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REPORTE Esperanto 2.0 @ ULB-VUB: A new post-Brexit adventure?

Publié le 21 février 2020 Mis à jour le 21 août 2020

Saluton!* What is Esperanto? How many people in the world speak it? Could Esperanto become the new post-Brexit lingua franca in Europe? Where to learn it online? Are there native Esperanto speakers? How to meet people speaking it at ULB or VUB? How to travel the world with Esperanto? Bonvenon!**

  Please sign up here before Monday 16th March
This event is free but sign up is mandatory

In the framework of the ULB "Année des langues",  the ULB and VUB are jointly organizing a workshop on Esperanto, the most successful planned language in the world (with an estimated population of a few millions). After a short conference and debate about the value of Esperanto, an immersive flash course will be given, followed by the kick-off of the new ULB-VUB Café Esperanto.

* hello (-o for noun, -n for accusative)
** welcome (bon- means good, ven- means come, -o for noun, -n for accusative) 

Date: Thursday March 19th, 2020, 12:15-14:00

Location: ULB, Solbosch campus or Plaine campus, depending on the registered participants (to be announced on the https://anneedeslangues.site.ulb.be/ website as of March 16th)


    - 12:15-12:40: introduction by Prof. Laura Calabrese (ULB, Information and communication research center) + conference by Prof. K. Tytgat (VUB, linguistics) on multilingualism and Esperanto (in English)

    - 12:40-12:50: debate with the audience (in English)

    - 12:50-13:20: introductory flash course on Esperanto by Jean-Pol and Adam (in Esperanto!)

    - 13:20-14: drink, sandwich, and launch of the ULB-VUB Café Esperanto (in English and Esperanto)


Useful links:

Le 19 mars 2020

12h15 à 14h 


Le local sera déterminé en fonction des participant.e.s et communiqué la semaine avant l'événement.