Language and linguistics are objects of study which cross all the departments and disciplines. Research on language is carried out by linguists, philologists, language teachers, translators and interpreters, literature specialists, communication specialists, but also by speech therapists, psychologists, doctors, sociologists, anthropologists and artificial intelligence researchers. The multidisciplinary quality of this research is due to the nature of their object: human language is constrained by physiological and neurological characteristics, but languages are cultural and interactive objects. They are articulated in the minds of individuals, who learn to decode and use them through the mobilization of cognitive, motor, social and psychological skills. Languages are also political objects and their mastery through new technologies is a major economic issue. Fostering collaboration between teachers and researchers from different fields presents a rich opportunity to examine some key questions and to inform debates with theory and data alike. 

The major research centers and units of the ULB who work on language are the following: 

• Faculty of Letters, Translation and Communication : 
  • La Disco, center for research in linguistics;
  • Tradital, center for research in interpretation, translation, pedagogy and automatic treatment;
  • Philixte, center for research in literary, textual and philological studies;
  • ReSic, center for research in information and communication;
• Faculty of Psychology and educational sciences • Faculty of Philosophy and Social Sciences * Faculty of Medecine
Updated on September 17, 2019