The ULB is the biggest center for language teaching and research in Brussels, offering twenty seven languages, ancient and modern, from varied linguistic families. 

The University offers language courses targeting different audiences: 
  • Complete bachelor’s and master’s degrees in language and literature, in interpretation and translation, as well as in Multilingual communication. These classes are offered by the Faculty of Letters, Translation and Communication
  • Transversal classes in English and Dutch are also offered to specialists of other, non-linguistic disciplines, via ULB Langues, the new inter-department center which aims to reinforce the teaching of these two languages. 
  • A series of classes and other initiatives are available for students who wish to reinforce their language skills, as well as for staff and faculty. 
  • Language courses are also organized by the Faculty of Letters, Translation and Communication as part of the continuing education program
Updated on September 17, 2019